Do Customised Magnetic Train Have Any Educational Value for Kids?

Do Customised Magnetic Train Have Any Educational Value for Kids?

You might find it surprising that train toy sets help promote various essential developmental skills among children. Well, you might wonder if it's just a toy, how come it has so many benefits? For starters, a customised magnetic train that's exclusively crafted with strong processed wood has not only chugged along as one of the favourite toys for kids. In fact, their numerous developmental and educational benefits are undeniable, and they are:

  • Wooden train sets promote problem-solving skills by encouraging critical thinking when analysing the layout to connect every piece effectively.
  • When manipulating each component of the customised magnetic train it can enhance fine motor skills among the kids.
  • These train sets serve as a blank canvas for kids to lay their imaginative scenarios and stories.

House of Zizi is a popular and trusted toy and furniture brand whose mission is to make a child's younger days colourful while promoting social, physical, and cognitive development through wooden toys. Their exceptional train toys have become popular in every kid's toy collection.

Wooden name train

This is one of the latest additions to the collection of House of Zizi. Now, you can create a unique train for your little one by choosing the colour as per your preference for all the letters of your child's name. They will enjoy playing with this personalised gift, and the magnetic letter tends to add more fun.

What is the right age for children to play with train sets?

Typically, the age of three is considered suitable for purchasing a child their own customised magnetic train. Although the House of Zizi's wooden name train, an excellent choice for toddlers, is deemed safe for children as young as one year, many train sets come with small pieces that pose a choking hazard for younger kids.

Once children reach the age of two, they tend to explore objects with their hands rather than putting them in their mouths. By the age of four, most children have completely outgrown the habit of putting toys in their mouths. While customised magnetic train are suitable for children aged three and older, it is crucial for parents to verify the manufacturer's recommended age before introducing a customised magnetic train to their child.

So, if you are ready to promote your child's educational and cognitive developmental skills, start exploring the wide assortment of wooden toys and furniture at House of Zizi. Order the best products for your child and introduce them to a whole new world of imaginative play.

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