5 important montessori furniture for kids

5 Must have Montessori Furniture for your children

What is Montessori Furniture?

Furniture that is beautiful and designed to suit the need of the child can be referred to as Montessori Furniture or Montessori Inspired Furniture.

Why Does My Child Need Montessori Furniture?
Children live in adult spaces where everything is large, inaccessible and likely cluttered. Children struggle in these spaces every day. When we provide a suitable environment and present opportunities to meet a child’s growing needs, they thrive. The simplicity of Montessori Furniture invites children to interact
with their surroundings in a safe manner. It aids independence, provides accessibility and nurtures freedom of choice. Montessori Furniture is specifically designed to include children in daily life activities. Engaging in such activities makes toddlers feel confident and important.


1. Montessori Shelf
This minimalistic Montessori furniture is created to present play materials such as toys and
puzzles to toddlers. The strategic height will instantly draw a child towards it and have them
interact with materials that are displayed. The Montessori Low Shelf provides the opportunity of
practicing freedom of choice and order early.

2. Montessori Learning Tower
Definitely the most versatile Montessori Furniture one can own. Involve your child in daily life activities by allowing them to access high surfaces such as kitchen sinks, kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, dining tables etc. Strengthen the parent-child bond by letting them assist you in the kitchen with simple tasks while standing on the Montessori Learning Tower. Allow them to help themselves by letting them wash their own hands or eat a small snack on the dining table.
Empower your child with the gift of accessibility with this Montessori Furniture.

3. Forward-Facing Bookshelves
If you’re a parent who wants to raise a reader, start early. The best way to get babies and toddlers interested in books is to display them in a forward facing bookshelf. The cover of books with big bold illustrations, pictures and vibrant colors will attract a child and have them wanting to pick up a book and explore it. When we’re talking Montessori Furniture, the repeated theme is beauty and accessibility. Both these features are of course present in the
forward-facing bookshelf.

4. Montessori Chowki
The humble Indian Chowki or lap desk was universally popularized by Dr. Maria Montessori. It was observed how children were comfortable, and how they focused better while they were seated on the floor and worked on an activity that was presented on the Chowki. This Montessori furniture is now used in several Montessori Schools and homes to encourage children to access the Chowki on their own and work on materials independently.

5. Sensory Table
The Sensory Table is the most loved Montessori furniture by people who understand the perks of it. It is also ironically underrated by a large group of people who are yet to discover and take advantage of its benefits. Children are sensorial learners who process information through sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. This Montessori furniture provides the opportunity for children to explore a variety of materials using their senses. You can also present activities that encourage early S.T.E.M concepts such as scooping, pouring, transferring etc.

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