Collection: 18 Months +

As kids grow up, their desire to play increases. At 18 months old, kids are becoming more mobile and wish to play for longer hours. House of Zizi wants your grow to grow with their products and let their learning experience be a special one. Invest in our products that encourage your child's development in the desired way.

A few products that are suited for 18 months+ age group are:

  1. Montessori Shelf: encourages independence and self-directed learning.

  2. Montessori Learning Tower: allows kids to safely be a part of daily activities. A great tool to teach independence.

  3. Doll House: A fun piece of furniture to do pretend play.

  4. Step Stool: Helps kids reach higher surfaces at home independently. A great tool that allows kids to participate in household tasks from a young age.

  5. Mini kitchen: Promotes imaginative play, social skills and fine motor development.
  6. Sensory table: An important tool that promotes sensory exploration, fine motor skills. By providing materials of various textures, kids get to explore them during their sensory play.

All of our products are made of non-toxin materials and hence are child-safe. We use food grade paints for each product.