Collection: 12 Months +

By 12 months of age, kids start becoming more aware of their surroundings and become curious to explore everything around them. They are always on a move either via crawling or walking.

Kids have a natural desire for learning and we, as caregivers, could help enhance their desire by introducing them to a few pieces of furniture and toys that would help them build their social, mental and physical development. 

House of Zizi offers a variety of such products that you could invest in for your child:

- Sensory table - Sensory table is a great way to keep the child engaged for long hours. Its also a great way to help activate child's senses through sensory play.

- Toddler table and chairs - As your baby becomes more independent, they may enjoy having a small table and chair set of their own to eat, play, and create art.

- Mini Kitchen / Doll house - Children are free to explore their creativity and develop their social and cognitive skills while doing role plays.

It's also important to always supervise your child during playtime and ensure that any furniture or toys are appropriate for their age and developmental stage.