Our Story

Like most good anecdotes, the story of House of Zizi begins when two young girls met at a boarding school. They had different personalities and yet got along like a house on fire. They spent many years studying in the same city and talking about their dreams. But the common interest that brought Ayushi and Richa together once again in their adult life, was the strong drive to revive handmade crafts and uplift the local artisans. This urge sparked the idea of a startup that would support the cause that they both believed in. With a natural flair for aesthetics, and a passion to bring joy to children, both Richa and Ayushi started Zizi gifts. A company that had the most appealing child-safe wooden toys in the market. Looking at the beauty, quality and durability of these toys, customers began requesting for Montessori inspired products. After extensive research and inputs from experts in the field, Zizi gifts evolved to become House of Zizi. The only Montessori inspired toys company in India where the products are both handcrafted and customisable.
Today reaching new homes and happy customers every day, House of Zizi is determined to stay consistent in their promise of upliftment and help children smile ear-to-ear in the process through their toxin free, sustainable and carefully curated Montessori products.

About the founders



Ayushi is a creative person who has a penchant for design and a keen eye for details. She has an educational background in Economics and is an alumni of Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Her artistic and calm personality brings unique insights and fresh perspectives to every decision made at House of Zizi. She is the heart of the organisation. In her free time, Ayushi enjoys spending time with her daughter, being around nature's different landscapes. She also has an intense love for street food and strong coffee. 


Richa is an innovator and practical individual. She hails from a family of product manufacturers and has a natural flair for business. She is the brain child of House of Zizi. Her strong personality contributes to all the tough calls that needs to be taken. Richa is a multitasker who handles two adorable children and thrives on schedules and organized lifestyle. She believes that gratitude is the right attitude and enjoys retro music that stirs nostalgia.