Collection: 0 Months+

At 0 months+, House of Zizi offers furniture to make your child room more playful and kids friendly. These pieces of furniture are handcrafted by our local artisans to provide comfort, safety, and functionality for both the baby and parents.

We offer a variety of products in this segment like Alphabet shelf which is great to add a personal touch in the room and also keeps toys and books organized.

For parents who would like to promote Montessori at home from birth, we offer a variety of Montessori inspired furniture such as the Montessori shelf. It is widely used to practice the habit of books and toys rotation. 

Diaper station and Swing cradle are new additions in our portfolio. They offer a minimalist look and could last for generations as they are made of Mango wood.

When choosing furniture for you child, it's essential to consider safety, functionality, and style. One should also ensure that the furniture meets safety norms and is made from non-toxic materials.