What are Sensory tables?

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What is a sensory table? 

A sensory table is a table especially designed for kids, consisting of bins that can be filled with materials, allowing children to explore them. There are endless options of materials to fill in the bins, such as sand, water, rice, beads, or other tactile substances that help stimulate the senses (touch, sight, smell).

Objects like spoons, cups, funnels, or small toys can be added to the sensory table to make play more enjoyable. Children can use their hands and tools to engage in sensory activities and explore the materials, promoting sensory development, creativity, and, most importantly, learning through play. 

The versatile nature of a sensory table helps tremendously in boosting brain development by engaging little minds. It allows them to immerse themselves in endless creativity. 

Do you really need a sensory table?

 A sensory table promotes a child's development as it gives ample opportunities for sensory exploration - which helps in social, physical, cognitive, and emotional development. It gives children the platform to engage their senses (touch, sight, smell).

Another important use of a sensory table is that it encourages problem-solving, creativity, and language development through hands-on play.

Exposure to play on a sensory table helps children regulate their emotions, which in turn relieves stress.

Here is a look at House of Zizi mango wood sensory table-


What age are sensory tables good for?

Sensory Table can be used by as young as 1 year olds up to 7 years old. Having said that, the age range depends on the child's developmental stage along with their abilities and interests.

House of Zizi Sensory tables are designed to work equally well as a study table and an art table, making them multi-purpose. This helps in making the sensory table suitable for various activities for a long period of time.

The mango wood structure of the sensory table makes it water- and paint resistant. It also makes it extremely durable, thus making it a good investment for your child.

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