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Montessori Helping Tower - Foldable | Safe kitchen stool for toddlers | Montessori educational towers | Children’s Kitchen Learning Tower | Age 18 Months - 7 Years

Montessori Helping Tower - Foldable | Safe kitchen stool for toddlers | Montessori educational towers | Children’s Kitchen Learning Tower | Age 18 Months - 7 Years

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Introducing our versatile Helping Tower, a multifunctional piece that combines a learning tower, stool, table, and chair all in one. Designed to foster independence, responsibility, and quality time spent together, this innovative furniture piece empowers your child to actively participate in everyday activities while enjoying the learning process.

The Helping Tower is the perfect solution to bring your child to the appropriate height at various counters in your home. Whether they're assisting in meal preparation, engaging in arts and crafts, or simply wanting to be part of the action, this sturdy and stable design ensures their safety and comfort.

Crafted from high-quality mango wood, this Helping Tower boasts both durability and natural beauty. Mango wood's rich tones and distinct grain patterns add warmth and character to any space. Its sturdy construction offers reliable stability, allowing your child to confidently engage in various tasks without compromise.

The main feature of our Helping Tower is its foldable design. This unique functionality allows for effortless conversion from a tower to a stool, providing flexibility and adaptability to suit your needs and space constraints. Its compact size makes it easy to store when not in use, freeing up valuable floor space in your home.

With dimensions of 15*17*39 inches, this Helping Tower is designed with both comfort and practicality in mind. It offers a comfortable seat for your child, allowing them to engage in activities at an appropriate height. As they grow, the Helping Tower adapts to their changing needs, transforming from a supportive platform to a convenient stool and even a table and chair combination.

Our Helping Tower creates a dynamic learning environment where your child can actively participate in daily tasks, develop fine motor skills, and cultivate a sense of independence. It not only teaches valuable life skills but also strengthens the bond between child and caregiver through shared experiences.

Experience the joy of witnessing your child's independence flourish as they take their place at the kitchen counter, craft table, or other work surfaces. With the Helping Tower - Foldable, they'll discover the satisfaction of contributing, learning, and growing alongside you.


SIZE - 15*17*39 inches

Care Instructions

- Mango wood products can be easily washed under running water and then air dried.

- In humid climates ensure to keep the wooden product under sun every 1 month for longer product life.

- Processed wood can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Keeping it airy will keep the product healthy.

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