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Kids Play Kitchen (20")

Kids Play Kitchen (20")

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Our Mini Kitchen is a compact and charming addition to inspire the inner chef in your kid. Measuring 20 inches in size, this wooden kitchen set is perfect for young children to embark on culinary adventures.

With our Mini Kitchen, your child's imagination will soar as they cook up imaginary feasts. Watch with delight as their creativity flourishes and their skillset develops with each new meal they create. The set includes a wooden knife for cutting fruits and vegetables, allowing them to practice their motor skills while engaging in imaginative play. The real-time sink adds an exciting touch, making their play experience even more realistic and immersive.

Not only does our Mini Kitchen provide endless hours of entertainment, but it also offers numerous benefits for your child's development. It enhances their creativity as they experiment with different ingredients and create their own recipes. Through imaginative role-playing, they can express their ideas and emotions, nurturing their social and emotional skills. Additionally, the Mini Kitchen promotes healthy food choices and eating habits, encouraging a positive relationship with food from an early age.

Please note that our Mini Kitchen does not require installation or an external water supply for the water dispenser model, providing convenience and ease of use for both children and parents.

Bring the joy of cooking and imaginative play into your child's world with our Mini Kitchen. Let their culinary dreams come to life as they explore the realms of creativity, role-play, and healthy eating habits.

You can also upgrade the height of this kitchen to 26 inch



SIZE - 11*8.5*20 INCHES

Care Instructions

- Mango wood products can be easily washed under running water and then air dried.

- In humid climates ensure to keep the wooden product under sun every 1 month for longer product life.

- Processed wood can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Keeping it airy will keep the product healthy.

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