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Reindeer Chair

Reindeer Chair

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Enhance your child's space with our Reindeer Chair, a perfect addition that combines functionality, style, and playful charm. Crafted from high-quality mango wood, this chair offers a durable and attractive seating option for your little one.

Our Reindeer Chair adds a touch of personality, making it a delightful focal point in any room. 

Not only does our chair offer playful designs, but it also provides versatile functionality. It can be used as a traditional chair with a backrest or converted into a stool by detaching the back. This flexibility allows you to adapt the chair to your child's changing needs and preferences. Whether they want a cozy chair to curl up in or a simple stool for playtime activities, our Wooden Chair has got them covered.

Experience the joy of our Wooden Chair and provide your child with a functional and fun seating option that will stand the test of time.


SIZE - 14*14*25 INCH

Care Instructions

- Mango wood products can be easily washed under running water and then air dried.

- In humid climates ensure to keep the wooden product under sun every 1 month for longer product life.

- Processed wood can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Keeping it airy will keep the product healthy.

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