Collection: 24 Months+

At 24 months, kids are still developing their fine and gross motor skills and are unable to reach objects placed at at a height at home or use the furniture at home. Designed especially for this age are a few of our products:

  1. Montessori Shelf: encourages independence and self-directed learning.

  2. Montessori Learning Tower: allows kids to safely be a part of daily activities. A great tool to teach independence.

  3. Doll House: A fun piece of furniture to do pretend play.

  4. Step Stool: Helps kids reach higher surfaces at home independently. A great tool that allows kids to participate in household tasks from a young age.

  5. Mini kitchen: Promotes imaginative play, social skills and fine motor development.
  6. Sensory table: An important tool that promotes sensory exploration, fine motor skills. By providing materials of various textures, kids get to explore them during their sensory play.

       7. Food wagon/Shopping cart: A great tool for pretend play.

All of our products are made of non-toxin materials and hence are child-safe. We use food grade paints for each product.