Collection: Active Play

Active play in kids is important for many reasons. Few reasons that House of Zizi suggests that a child should be involved in Active play-

1.Improves physical health: Active play helps children develop strength, flexibility, and step up fitness. It also helps them maintain a healthy weight and make them fitter.
2.Improves mental health: Active play has been proved to improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and make kids happier.
3.Improves cognitive development: Active play helps children develop motor skills, coordination, and spatial awareness, which are important for cognitive development and academic success.
4.Motivates social interaction: Active play provides children with opportunities to interact with others, develop social skills, and learn how to work in a team.
5.It Builds confidence and self-esteem: Active play helps children build confidence and self-esteem by providing opportunities to learn new skills, set and be closer to goals..

Active play in children is an important part of promoting their overall health and well-being.