Collection: Montessori inspired

Montessori inspired furniture emphasizes the importance of child-centered learning, independence, and self-directed exploration, and the furniture is meant to facilitate these values.
Below are few pieces of furnitures that encourage Montessori education-

1. Floor Beds: A floor bed is a low bed that sits directly on the floor. It allows children to move freely in and out of bed, which promotes independence and self-reliance in a child.

2. Child-Sized Chairs and Tables: Montessori inspired chairs and tables are sized to fit the child, which encourages them to be independent and take responsibility for their own learning.

3.Low Shelves: Low shelves make it easy for children to access and put away their own toys, books, and other materials. This promotes independence and organization skills.

4.Learning Towers: Learning towers are designed to allow children to participate in everyday tasks, such as cooking or cleaning, at adult height. This helps children feel included and responsible, while also promoting their development.
Montessori inspired furniture is designed to promote independence, self-directed learning, and exploration in children. It encourages children to be responsible for their own learning and development, while also providing a safe and supportive environment for them to grow and explore.